We have a select number of high net worth individuals and institutions for whom we manage custom-made portfolios on a global basis.

Axiom Investment Management Ltd has developed a proprietary system to build portfolios that are inherently less volatile and less risky than long-only portfolios, whose performance is directly linked to a benchmark.

From the inception of the firm, Axiom took the unusual view that we did not have all the answers nor did we have a monopoly on all the good ideas. Since our main task was to grow the assets of our clients regardless of the performance of the markets, we adopted as an investment policy the position that we should complement our asset allocation and stock picking expertise with the efforts of some of the best minds in the investment industry.

We instituted, from the outset, a structured approach to portfolio management whereby non-directional investments, which are by definition less correlated to the major indices, would be included in all portfolios. Our knowledge of the Fund industry, both from specific hedging techniques to their interaction of a diversity of them in a portfolio, allowed us to integrate them in a comprehensive portfolio management approach.

The results speak for themselves. In 2000 and 2001, all our clients made money and our assets under management have grown.

Each of these clients sets its own risk/reward parameters, and we design and implement strategies to achieve its goals. Clients receive monthly Portfolio Valuations along with a comment on what took place in their portfolio during the month and our investment intentions for the coming month. AIML does not safekeep any securities for clients.

Each client appoints a Custodian and at this time, most have selected EFG Bank , a leading Swiss Bank.

We believe this separation of duties and responsibilities affords our clients the best protection since we, at Axiom, limit ourselves to the actual management of the capital, and the custodian ensures that the various broker/dealers with whom we trade on behalf of our clients deliver the securities before the clients' funds are released to settle the trade.

Only clients can withdraw money from their accounts. AIML does not control those funds. All of the clients' assets are held offshore.